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Join the Play Smart Earn Comps. Facebook group and become one of the Smarties! This is a closed group but I will respond to any requests within 24hrs. Link: Winstar Casino live play on multiple VGT machines. Disciplined play to earn a little over 800 points for this trip.

This video is of my latest trip on October 19th.

Video is being captured with a hidden camera as my local casino does not allow recording. I try to include the card for all videos as I think that is of interest on VGT machines used in Class II casinos. #Goodluck and #lineitup on your next casino visit and don’t forget to #playsmartearncomps

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  1. I remember putting a $5 bill in a $5 denom vgt machine in the high limit room near where the casino and hotel is connected, played the polar ice,,,, or whatever the hell its called… scuse the English I just woke up… but I spun the 1 time and had a red screen multiple spin and won $600… and no one was around where I played at….. it was round 7 in the morning when it happened

  2. Hi! 😁👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼I’m here! Great stuff! Keep up the great work! I will be looking forward to many more! It’s always nice to learn from others! Thank you! ❤️

  3. New sub here! Good luck on you channel. I have the same issue with recording that you do. I still struggle to get a good, straight, view of the screen lol. Maybe one day the OK casinos will decide to allow recording.

  4. My understanding that all casinos do allow recording the game, check out my channel. Why the Winstar does not allow recording? I just sub your channel!

  5. Hey thanks for videos. Curious where the $2 Payback Time machine is. I only know of one near the 360 room but that wasn’t the same machine. They are my favorite so would like to track it down. Thanks.

  6. The first machine you played that had the credits on the reels and the new you just cashed out $250. On. It doesn't matter how many credits you bet 2, 2, or 3 the machine pays you the same. If you hit three 2"s it only pays you for 6 credits no matter how many credits you bet.


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