Dragon Quest XI How To Gain 100,000 Token Fast In Casino Easiest Method

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Dragon Quest XI How To Gain 100,000 Token Fast In Casino Easiest Method do as i do you will get 100,000 in no time just follow my guide.

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Comment (42)

  1. I went to the vip floor and play the roulette. I bet every number and the treasure box, which means I will lose 200 token per game. What you are aiming for is hitting the jackpot; which happens when the ball land on the number you bet on and it stopped at the jackpot pointer. Theoretically it has a 1/37 chance to happen when you bet all the number. I hit one jackpot (1000000 tokens) in half an hour after losing around 8000 tokens. Note that you need at least 7400 tokens to cover all the number so I would not try this with less than 50000 to start with

  2. omg whent over to test a slime machine and wtf xD super bonus never sene that before top on that i did not get any thing on spin and mist animation on top xD but yea 9999999 max 😛

  3. Best tip to win is this and nothing els!!!…i done it my self it work perfekt…start off with a machine on left side play max bet on 1 10 or 100 machine play 10 times if you do not win at a rate that you can se is dumb high stop go next machine to yo get the machine that is win buggd.i did stumble on the right machine as i type this post in Octagonia 3 time played now 15 min same machine got 5×7's 5 times 4x 7's 3 time and free spin 60x on slime 60 so cont stop play for free atm. started out with 850k tokens from first casino and now am after 15min win fest xD 3952048 so dont play more then 10 spin on slot machine and u can se its ovious when you get machine right :)..PS SLOT machine not the slime adventure slot 🙂 gl am stoping at 4mil tokens dont think i need more xD

  4. tanks dude. i finaly got some tokens 😀 well since i cant be on my pc tomorrow, I know what ill do ^^ start it now and come back to 2 million tomorrow night xD

  5. I used this method on 1/24/19 and it worked great started with 2000 and got to100,000. IT took 4 hours of farming that slot machine. Thank you for the video

  6. I bought 700 tokens and on my last spin I got metal mode and 3 spins in I got 5 7s across the board. Made 200k+ in 5 minutes. Luckyyyyyy

  7. Yeah guys any of you who are struggling because of luck, keep going its all luck I ended up hitting the Jackpot on metal mode and now i have enough to muckaround with

  8. Purchased 100 coins and on my first spin, a pink slime dropped down and got me 10 free spins, first spin of the free got me 750 coins, earned nothing else. Went ahead and saved after the 10 spins and I am just going off of that. I got pretty lucky on my first spin.

  9. Start your bet at 30 (10 for each line) then increase to 90 when you get metal mode, yes you can't automate this method but you'll lose less if you just started, and you won't have to load back the autosave this way.

  10. I hit metal mode with x10 free spins giving me 19 metal spins, hit 4 chests in a row thinking I hit the mother load only to get 4800 tokens :/

  11. THANK YOU!!! Legit no lie my first spin i got all bars so 9000 right out the bat. Went to save cuz damn lol after that i spin like 10 times and landed on all free spin and got 30 free spin and after that got metal slime like damnnnnnn luckest person ever. 30 free spin on metal OMGGG

    In less in 3 min i went from 100 tokens to 24K and i still have 11 more space 😂

    Im tying while doing it cuz im so happy lmaooo

  12. Yeah, with my luck it took me literally 4 hours to get 100,000. And the best I got the whole time was four sevens, not during Metal Mode.

    My luck made me want to die.

  13. Followed the video, went from 2k to 236k just from small wins alone in 2 hours..then in the next hour I hit the jackpot, so after 3 hours I now have 460k total. So worked for me.

  14. Currently on my first visit to the casino and the game has never felt challenging yet. I can only imagine these casino rewards just make you stupidly op.

  15. I'm so glad I found this video. I used all the gold I saved up and went from 2k coins to 12k coins in one session. Saved, then went from 12k to 240k as I hit the jackpot in metal round off of a free spin

  16. — I went in with about 600 tokens. It took a while to get this method starting, but if you have the time and are lacking money, 600 is enough.

    — Exiting and re-entering the casino AUTOSAVES THE GAME!!

    — As soon as you score something that increases you token count to MORE than you started with, leave and autosave.

    — Do this until you have about 5000. Took me around 3h.

    — From this point forward, you can’t really ‘lose’ anymore. Start mashing or get an auto clicker on PC. If you are on PS4, having a turbo controller REALLY helps. My fight stick has a turbo function so thats great.

    — Left if running for 3h AFK and came back to 300.000 tokens.

  17. i see the reason in doing this but if you have a lot of tokens on you in the first place….. don't to worried about losing them just never go below 10,000 and you will be fine! i've lost 5,000 and then hit metal mode made my money back and more.

    DQ's regular slot machines are just down right the only thing to be playing you will lose.. undoubtable fact. but i guarantee. that you will alway win more than you lose if you keep on it even without saving.

    but then again that's just me. i've gone to the casino a few times now and gotten jackpot twice and im barely pushing lvl 30. i believe at the time of this comment im 50 or 51 hour's into the game

  18. So, this is what is actually happening. Some machines have better odds at times than other machines. The people that are getting the "hotter" machines think this guy actually said something in this video. Everybody else realizes he's full of shit.

    You'll know if your machine is hot. You'll be making a lot of money very quickly. If it isn't hot, move on to the next machine after a few k.

  19. If you can figure out a way to automate this, like if you use the PS4 Turbo Controller and have it continuously press x and leave over night when you sleep you can make a ton tokens,


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