FREE SLOT PLAY Harrah’s Casino Atlantic City QUICK HITS!

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Playing $100 in free Slot Play on Quick Hits slot machines at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City.

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Comment (20)

  1. wow… i hate slot machine… i lost a lot.. hahaa
    Enjoy to watch my friend!! … Always remember and full support each other…

  2. You start with $100 ! Finish $135! 135- 100= 35
    Did you earn 35 dollars? I really enjoyed your video!!!
    Have a beautiful day!!! (=^・・^=)(^_-)-☆👸😸👼💕💕💕💕💕

  3. Great video🐈 イエーイv(▽ ̄ V)(V ̄▽)vイエーイ🐔ヾ ( ~▽~)ツ ワーイ♪ ナイスビデオ🍼∧ღღ🎀∧🌈
    🌺⌒🌼 ∧ღღ🎀∧⌒🐧⌒🐸⌒🍌 Nothing can stop you now! (*∩ω∩) 🐣 ლ( ◕ ε ◕ ლ)🌹
    🐦🐣🍃(=^・・^=)ヽ(^-^ )💞👑感動しました∧ღღ🎀∧👸SBQueen'TM From Japan🌈
    ワーイ ( ^-^)o-o<※ パンッ✨Thanks (^-゚)⌒🎠Wink (❀╹◡╹ )ノ゙~🐛~ (✪ω✪)/ヤホー🌈🗾🌹

  4. Thanks for taking us to the casino with you ! I'm surprised they let you video tape inside ! Great you walked away a winner !


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