The Fall — Lie Dream of a Casino Soul

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The Fall — Lie Dream of a Casino Soul 7″ — Kamera Records — 1981

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  1. Remember The Falls song ' No Bulbs' , i recently created a video to go with that song, its in my recent uploads on my channel September 2018, or simply just type in The Fall No Bulbs and look for my username on the first page.

  2. This is brilliant. Full stop. But there's a version of this where the German are parts are echoed/harmonized and it's spooky as hell. Anyone know the one?

  3. " ESTRAGON: Avenged! (Vladimir examines the hat, peers inside it.)

    POZZO: Give me that! (He snatches the hat from Vladimir, throws it on the ground, tramples on it.) There's an end to his thinking!

    VLADIMIR: But will he be able to orientate himself?

    POZZO: I’ll orientate him. (He picks up the rope and pulls on it.) Up pig!

    ESTRAGON: Perhaps he's dead.

    VLADIMIR: You'll kill him.

    POZZO: Up scum! (He jerks the rope.) Help me!

    VLADIMIR: How?

    POZZO: Raise him up! (Vladimir and Estragon hoist Lucky to his feet, support him an instant, then let him go and move away from him. He falls as before.)

    ESTRAGON: He's doing it on purpose!

    POZZO: You must hold him. (Pause.) Come on, come on, raise him up.

    ESTRAGON: To hell with him!

    VLADIMIR: Come on, once more.

    ESTRAGON: What does he take us for?

    Vladimir: Come on. (They raise Lucky, hold him up.)

    POZZO: Don't let him go! (Vladimir and Estragon totter.) Don't move! (Pozzo fetches bag and brings it towards Lucky.) Hold him tight! (He puts the bag in Lucky's hand. Lucky drops it immediately on estragon’s foot.) Don't let him go! (He puts back the bag in Lucky's hand. Gradually, at the feel of the bag, Lucky recovers his senses and his fingers finally close round the handle.) Hold him tight! (As before with basket. Steadies lucky with butt of whip under chin then picks up rope) Now! You can let him go. (Vladimir and Estragon move away from Lucky to the stone. He totters, reels, sags, but succeeds in remaining on his feet, bag and basket in his hands. Pozzo steps back.) Forward! (Lucky totters forward.) Back! (Lucky totters back.) Turn! (Lucky turns.) Done it! He can walk. (Turning to Vladimir and Estragon) Thank you, gentlemen, and let me… (He fumbles in his pockets.)… let me wish you… (Estragon advances proffering hat. Pozzo fumbles.)… wish you… (Fumbles.)… what have I done with my watch? (Fumbles. estragon puts on hat, moves away. Pozzo drops the rope.) A genuine half-hunter, gentlemen, with deadbeat escapement! (Sobbing) Twas my granpa gave it to me! Perhaps I dropped it. (He searches on the ground, Vladimir and Estragon likewise. Pozzo picks up and looks in the remains of Lucky's hat.) Well now isn't that just – "

  4. A man came up to them
    He wanted sex in the dummies eyes
    Then the cry came out
    Security mobilised!

    I dread to think was going on, but find it irresistible.


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