Chubby Checker performs «The Hucklebuck» at Three Rivers Casino

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Chubby Checker performs «The Hucklebuck» at Three Rivers Casino on Oct 22, 2011 in Florence, Oregon! What an incredible show!!! This was from the 4:00 pm show. He did back to back shows that night at 4 & 8 pm. He does a long intro on this song & starts the song at approx 3:30 into the video. At about 8 min 12 secs into the video, He gets 2 separate audience members up to the stage and dance with him!!! 😀 What a great show! Thanks Chubby!!!

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  1. chubby at seventy…that smooth and 70.  my model for growing old! even though it's just a little sea-side casino, he put's his all into crowd-pleasing and succeeds so well!

  2. Moved from Minn. to IL 1967, Thought I knew all the Dances until my new found friend DANCED (never knew the name. Years later we called it the BITCH.) The Hucklebuck. My God what a NASTY dance. Aftet the shock wore off what a FUN and REBELLIOUS DANCE.@ 63 thanks for the memory.

  3. Anybody who can't see the fun in this (Jim Sephus, I'm talking to you) is just too tight-ass. And Florence, OR? Why there? Population about 200? And I live in Portland. How did I miss this!!!


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